The Arrest of 3 Kashmir Political Leaders by Indian Officers

By | October 17, 2019

The officers of India arrested 3 political leaders of Kashmir with an accusation of threatening peace. The process of arresting was conducted after India removed the special autonomy status and blocked the Moslem’s area.

The former Chief Minister of Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah, along with the leader of a regional party, Sajad Lone, were placed in the house arrest. It was due to the repressive actions toward the officials. Then, those 3 Kashmir leaders were moved to the Indian government’s guest houses based on the command from the court.

The court stated that the Kashmir leaders’ activities tend to violate the regulations related to peace. Therefore, the arrest was done based on the commitment of how the law must be enforced. The court’s command also mentioned how it is so worried about those 3 prisoners will organize a general meeting that is actually forbidden in Kashmir as a part of the urgent blockage.

Arrest of 3 Kashmir Political Leaders

Arrest of 3 Kashmir Political Leaders

Before he was moved, Mufti has tweeted in his official Twitter account, stated that ending the special status of Kashmir will reduce India as strength of society in the area of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir is still separated from the world outside. It is even proven from the cut of phone and internet connections. Meanwhile, thousands of armies conducted the night hours.

Modi’s Decree

The decree on Monday done by the Hindu Nationalist Government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It has deleted the special status of Kashmir from the constitutions starting from the Independence Day of India in 1947. Which is when the area was divided into 2 under India and Pakistan governments.

The final change is the main reason why the special right given for Kashmir is stopped. Kashmir people also lose their rights to have property and jobs at situs judi online. Moreover, it is by remembering how the area has been up for grabs in many years by India and Pakistan.

Arrest of 3 Kashmir Political Leaders

Arrest of 3 Kashmir Political Leaders. Under siege

Responding to this matter, Pakistan will use all the possible options to fight against all the illegal steps, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan once gave his statement on Monday. The announcement added the chaos in the Parliament House of India. The opposition party, Congress Party described Pakistan’s statement as a disaster.

Following the parliament’s statement.  Media in India questioned the stop of the status, as well as there are many people who worried about the implementation. There is no history of Independent India for the secret things brought by the government mainly when things are political and communal controversial.