Challenges for Modi in Leading India after Winning the Latest Election

By | October 15, 2019

The incumbent Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has successfully won the election. During his leadership in the future, Modi will get many demands including to provide more vacancies for the new generations. Besides, there are some issues in India that have not been solved yet. They are including in the area of farming, finance, and income. The statement is given by the head of economics at Care Ratings in Mumbai, Madan Sabnavis. Challenges for Modi

Challenges for Modi

Challenges for Modi

Some foreign companies including the giant technologies like Amazon, Walmart, and Mastercard complained about regulations in India. According to them, the regulations are designed only to give more benefits to domestic companies. Meanwhile, Indian people definitely still need those foreigners to support their daily life playing poker uang asli. That indeed cannot be separated from the technology.

Some people also thought that Modi may find it difficult to keep the promise about unity. It is based on opinions that his party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that often causes schisms. The minority in India, that is mainly from the Moslem realm, worried about the regulation that may be released by Modi. They thought that it will only be beneficial for the majority and may disturb their work.

Latest election

The latest election strengthens the global trend of the right wing to be the winner. It was starting from the US to Brazil and Italy. Commonly, it is because of their focus on the regulations of protectionism, immigration, and security.

Challenges for Modi

The official data from the general election commission in India shows that the Bharatiya Janata Party was able to get 302 from a total of 542 numbers in the house of parliament. The number is increased form the total number they have won in the election of 2014. Based on the election law in India, there are more than 272 numbers needed to be the majority in the parliament.

As the gift from the supporters, Modi was poured by the rose petals while they are also cheering him up. The supporters had waited for many hours for his presence in the party’s headquarters on Thursday Night. He also stated in his oration; no matter what happens in the election in the past, he asked his supporters to take a look only in the future. People need to develop even including all the competitors.

For some people, Modi’s statements are likely shades for his opposition. The president of Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi has mentioned in his oration that BJP was not fighting against its opposition but India, in general.