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Challenges for Modi in Leading India after Winning the Latest Election

The incumbent Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has successfully won the election. During his leadership in the future, Modi will get many demands including to provide more vacancies for the new generations. Besides, there are some issues in India that have not been solved yet. They are including in the area of farming, finance,… Read More »

4 India Politicians that Made Controversial Comments

India can be said as the country with one of the hottest political atmospheres. The clash between parties and many people that want to acquire something in the government always become big news. However, in most of the controversial news, the cause is coming from the politicians. Actually, the news about India politicians made a… Read More »

Attack On Narendra Modi’s Government

The increasing GDP growth rate is seen as the good sign in current Narendra Modi government. However, their opposition, the Congress, apparently is not satisfied with this achievement. They started their attack on the Modi by saying that government doesn’t see the reality on the field. The Congress reveals that the GDP increase doesn’t really… Read More »

The Modi Kejriwal Social Media Political Wars

Modi and Kejriwal are well-known as the two strong politicians in India that have shown many clashes in many different political events. Their unique strategy, that tries to provide and attract modern society that grows rapidly in the strong culture country like India, is always interesting to watch. One of the unique wars they’ve been… Read More »