How India Spends Million Rupees during the Election Event

By | September 17, 2019

2019 is a special year for politics in India. This year, the country conducts an election to choose the president and prime minister as the people’s representatives. The country itself is known to have one of the biggest populations in the world. Therefore, it is not exaggerating if the country needs to spend more money to make sure that the event is conducted more smoothly.

Uniquely, do you know that the Indian election becomes the most expensive election in the world throughout history? Now, the country has even won the USA that held the “title” a few years later. Reported by the webpage of Bloomberg, the US election in 2016 spent budgets of around USD 6.5 billion. While in India, the presidential election that was started from April 11 to May 19, 2019 spent more than USD 7 billion.

politics in india

politics in india

There are some reasons behind how the country must spend that amount of money. Aside from it has numerous numbers of people, as it has been mentioned above, the election taken a longer time than any other election events in the world. It was around 6 weeks.

Presents to Voters

India also has a habit to give presents to the voters. The habit is given by the candidates. Although this bad habit is attempted to be removed by the government through some laws. In fact, it is really difficult. More than 8,000 candidates who competed to be voted and enter the parliament house in the 2019 election. The tight competition is known to be won if the candidates spend money for voters.

More than 90% of politicians in India indeed said that they found it very difficult to spend money on presents given to voters. It is again a habit and there is a sweet thing awaited in the future, they must do it. The presents given can be in the form of money, gold, electronic devices, and even alcohol.

politics in india

politics in india

Besides, India is also known for its high cost for political advertisements. A politician who wants to be registered as a candidate needs to spend up to billion rupees just to introduce him to the public. On February 2019, there is more than IRN 40 millions are spent only for a political advertisement on Facebook.

Maturity is definitely needed in terms of politics. More education about how people need to be honest is important to avoid any money politic case in the future. But sure, the government also must pay attention to the people’s welfare to make this expectation to realize.