Kashmir’s Lockdown Marks Modi’s New Reign

By | November 7, 2019

The revoke of article 370 in the India constitution ends up in Kashmir’s lockdown. Narendra Modi’s political movement has run fast in Kashmir since the first day of his new reign. Critics from the inside and outside of India still cannot stop what is happening in Kashmir today.

Being a disputable area, Kashmir seems so inviting for India new government. Attention to the area is so intense that it becomes the highlight in the early days of Modi’s reign. Is it going to be a new religious issue in India democracy?

Kashmir and Article 370

Kashmir’s lockdown does not happen abruptly. It is begun with the depriving of Kashmir’s special status as a disputable area between India and Palestine. The special status was written clearly in article 370 in the constitution. It is stated that Kashmir is a part of India yet it is free to rule its own area with some exceptions. Defense, communication, and foreign affairs are ruled by the India government.

protest in kashmir

protest in kashmir

One of the rules settled by Kashmir is disallowing people from outside the area to buy any land in Kashmir. Somehow, revoking the article 370 means breaking all the rules set by Kashmir. The policy will then allow whoever, anybody to buy the land in Kashmir and to stay there.

Kashmir is a home for 60% of Moslem in the area. Giving access to people from other regions in India will then allow Hindu to occupy the area. In short, the demography of Kashmir can change.

Modi, on the other side, says that depriving the article 370 marks a new era for Kashmir. He promises a vast development as Kashmir is driven by the India government. He also adds that Kashmir has been used by Palestine as a tool to instigate the people to become terrorists. Taking away its special status is believed in saving the area.

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Kashmir’s Lockdown

Various responses are arising from the people of Kashmir. Some of them stand with Modi’s decision. Protests happen everywhere in Kashmir since Modi announced the revoke.

The endless protests result in Kashmir’s lockdown. The government cut off any communication in Kashmir, including telephone and internet access. Many political leaders are arrested as well. The government also put thousands of its troops in Kashmir.

protest in kashmir

protest in kashmir

Kashmir’s lockdown shuts the voice of Kashmir’s people. Family from outside the area can hardly contact their relatives in Kashmir.

Modi’s controversial decision has triggered unwanted reactions in Kashmir. Revoking article 370 seems like arising a sensitive issue in the country. Is Kashmir’s lockdown really a wise political movement? Time will tell.