What Modi and Kejriwal Will Be in The Future?

By | September 4, 2018

Modi and Kejriwal can be called to be two of the most popular and influencing politicians in India. Their vision of the politic system in India promises some change for India future. We don’t know if it will be better or worst future, though. The down of the Congress also fuels their clash into one of the bigger political competition in India. They also use and invented many new ways to run their strategy. One of them is the usage of social media such as Twitter and Facebook.



The social media lead their clash into not only simply war of future vision of India. However, it leads them astray into something that two promising politicians with great vision shouldn’t be. Their decision to use social media to spread their vision and influences through India has turned their clash into a different shape. It doesn’t become the battle of vision and perspective of these two politicians. Now, it turned into the only battle of the image. It’s true that in politics, the image holds an important role. It is even what politics really is. But, with the promising changes that they bring, in the beginning, it feels too bad that their competition become something like this.

who will win the 2019 election?

who will win the 2019 election?

However, the situation that leads them to show up as two promising politicians, which is the down of the Congress, should become the proof that these two are the best politicians we can see in India today. We can even say that they don’t fight each other. But, the biggest enemy that they have to face is themselves. How to stay on the path and vision that they’ve been used since the beginning has become an important thing here. We just need to wait, who will emerge as the victor by using their original political views to change India into a better country.

modi's press conference

Kejriwal’s press conference

The end and winner seem difficult to see. However, we believe that they do have the solution to the problem in India. Of course, it will succeed, if they can go back on the right track. But, if they can’t do that, we can see that they will go down together. We don’t know what will happen after that. Will the Congress rise and go back giving better influence in India society? Or, there will be the new political power that will rise and place the position of Modi and Kejriwal, which maybe can give a better result. We just can wait.