Rahul Gandhi’s Statement to Sign the End of Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty in the Political Arena of India

By | October 16, 2019

The crushing defeat has been experienced by Congress Party of India in the latest election. Being responsible for the defeat, Rahul Gandhi, the president of the party, stated to resign. His resignation was officially announced on Gandhi’s official Twitter account. The politician stated that his resignation must be done for the importance of accountability in the future.

He added that establishing a party needs to make difficult decisions. Besides, there are many people who must be responsible for the failure. It is not fair to ask someone else to be responsible while he, himself, ignoring that he also has to do the same thing as the president of a political party.

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty

Rahul Gandhi lost his position in this year’s election. More than just about someone who resigned from a high position in a prestigious party, the resignation also signed the end of the strongest political dynasty in India. Gandhi himself had planned his resignation since the election result was announced. However, the officials of the party still supported and convinced him to stay in the position.

Hindu Nationalist Party

Based on the result of the election, Hindu Nationalist Party that supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJO) has won 303 from 542 numbers in the parliament. The number is far above the majority that is needed to form a government. On the other hand, Congress Party only got 52 numbers. Meanwhile, Congress All India Trinamool that is led by Mamata Banerjee only won 22 numbers.

Still in his statement, Gandhi said that BJP used the nation’s organization to win the election. He confessed that the party didn’t only fight against other parties to win the election but also the entire nation machine in which all the institutions were used to attack the opposition. It is clear that the neutrality was none in India.

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty

Continuing his statement, Gandhi mentioned BJP as a party that systematically had crashed the people’s rights in India. In his opinion, the democratic in India fundamentally had weakened and the election was no more than a ritual.

Rahul Gandhi has resigned from the Indian political world for some years. Then, in December 2017, he was back by taking the lead from his mother, Sonia Gandhi who had a health problem. Rahul Gandhi is the fourth generation in the dynasty of Nehru-Gandhi.

In his open letter, it is seen that Gandhi has a strong willingness to stop his family’s control from the situs judi poker. He even has mentioned before than Congress Party needs to make radical changes.